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Air Distribution Products - Manitoba
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Hydronic Products - Manitoba
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Line Card - Mechanical Products

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Central Station Air Handling Units.
Heating, Cooling & Heat Reclaim Coils
Fan Coil Units, Unit Heaters
Condensers & Fluid Coolers
Condensing Units
Centrifugal, Screw and Reciprocating Chillers
Water Cooled Self Contained Units
Packaged Terminal A/C Units
Heat Pumps
Applied Rooftop Units
Packaged A/C Units (Hotel & Apartment)
Block Replacement A/C Units
Heat Pumps
Unit Ventilators (Herman Nelson)



Built To Order Product Line Including:
Centrifugal Base Mount and Inline Pumps
Variable Speed Pumping Systems
Pumps Accessories and Engineered Product
Shell & Tube/Plate Type Heat Exchangers
Domestic Condensate Systems
Pressure Booster Systems
Fire Pumps


Cooling Towers
Fluid Coolers
Evaporative Condensers



High Efficiency Heat Recovery Units



Variable Frequency Speed Drives
Drive Accessories
Commercial/Industrial Applications


Gas Fired Humidifiers
Steam Heat Exchange Humidifiers
Self Generating Electric Humidifiers
Electric Cabinet Style Humidifiers
Direct Steam Injection Humidifiers
Complete Line of Rapid Dissipation Distribution Tube



Finned Tube Radiation/Custom Radiation Enclosures
Architectural Radiators
Unit Heaters/Cabinet Unit Heaters


Rooftop Heating/Cooling Units
Condensing Units
Air Handling Units
Heating Cooling Units



Refrigeration Condensing Units
Air Cooled Condensers
Fluid Coolers
Custom Refrigeration
Unit Coolers
Certified Heating and Cooling Coils



Precision Air Conditioning Equipment



Towel Radiators
Steam radiators
Commercial / Institutional Radiators
Electric Baseboards



Custom Air Handling Units
Rooftop Penthouse Packages


Extruded Aluminum Liner Radiant Ceiling Panels
Modular Radiant Ceiling Panels (Drop In Type)
Custom Radiant Ceiling Panels


Chiller/Boiler Plants
Pump/Heat Transfer Packages
Hydronic Pump Systems
Mechanical Corridors for Rooftop Custom Air Handlers



TowerClean Systems
SideStream Clean Systems
HTH/HTX Separators
Tower System Media Filters
Tower System Sand Filters



Modular Water Chillers



Dehumidification Equipment
Indoor Pools



Air Cooled Chillers
Water Cooled Chillers
High Denisty Rack Cooling
Cooling  Systems
Pump Stations
Compressed Air Treatment



Thermal Ice Storage Systems


Electric heat/cool PTAC’s
Heat pump PTAC’s
Hydronic PTAC’s
Energy efficient inverter duty PTAC’s


Gas Fired Direct/Indirect & Electric Make-up Air Units

industrial and explosion-proof unit heaters and thermostats for hazardous and severe duty locations

heating cables